Can We Improve The RFP Process For Online Learning Platforms?

The COVID-19 pandemic threw a lot of new scenarios at the world. One of those forced us to move school to an at-home, online model. As the world opens back up and schools start to go back, what does that mean for the world of online learning? Will schools use a hybrid model, or will online learning disappear?

Voice of B2B, Daniel Litwin talked with Thomas Waite, Ph.D., President & CEO of K16 Solutions, on Market scale TV about online learning and how schools and educators can adjust to the new world.

Online learning is not likely to go away anytime soon, if ever. The online learning market is expected to scale to $21 billion over the next two years, according to research from ThinkImpact. The U.S. currently owns 34 percent of online learning platforms and 43 percent of the online academic market share. With online learning here to stay, educators will have to adjust to online and hybrid models.

“It exposed education, that maybe certain sectors were behind in online learning technology,” Waite said, regarding the transition to online learning models last year during COVID. “We maybe should have been more prepared.” He noted that some schools were and some were not.

According to Waite, learning can occur online or in person, but it’s dependent on the effort put forward. He heard stories from students during the pandemic that weren’t during their reading. He asked if they would do it if they were in class, and they said ‘yes.’ To him, learning can take place anywhere, as long as the important stuff is taken care of, like writing and reading.

“The fundamentals of education don’t change,” Waite said.