DAT Introduces Multilane Rates for Ratecast

DAT Freight & Analytics introduced Multilane Rates for Recast, a new feature from DAT’s iQ data analytics group that allows Ratecast subscribers to build truckload price forecasting into their workflows and confidently bid and complete RFPs in less time, improving their chances of winning.

Multilane Rates for Ratecast enables subscribers to retrieve and download a monthly summary of forecasted rates and histories across thousands of lanes in one single file. They can quickly generate multiple lane rate forecasts, validate pricing strategies and present accurate forecasts in an easy-to-use, RFP-friendly format.

Ken Adamo, DAT’s Chief of Analytics, said: “In a volatile rate environment, forward-looking pricing tools are essential to producing a competitive bid. With Multilane Rates and pricing forecasts up to 52 weeks in advance, Ratecast subscribers can now confidently navigate the bidding process by incorporating the industry’s most reliable predictive and historical rates into their workflows and analysis.

“We provided a handful of customers with early access to Multilane Rates and were delighted to see that they doubled the number of RFPs that they won. It was extraordinary!”

Shippers, brokers and carriers use Ratecast to respond to RFPs with more confidence. The tool accounts for short-term market effects, seasonal impacts and long-term price trends, leveraging the freight industry’s largest database of $76 billion in annual market transactions on tens of thousands of lanes, with 95% accuracy.

Multilane Rates is available to Ratecast subscribers.https://www.dat.com/freight-rates/ratecast

Source: https://www.dcvelocity.com/articles/50111-dat-introduces-multilane-rates-for-ratecast