Comments on the RFP for Ft. Steilacoom redo of Kiddie Park

The City of Lakewood recently issued a Request for Proposal to replace the playground at Ft. Steilacoom that serves 2-5-year-olds.

On “Replacement of the 2-5 year old playground” at Fort Steilacoom Park I wrote a comment in The Suburban Times concerning the City of Lakewood’s RFP announcement of for Fort Steilacoom Park All-Access Playground, their intent being the “replacement of the 2-5 year old playground” with an “All-ages and Abilities” playground at Fort Steilacoom Park.

Playground at Ft. Steilacoom Park Sign

The comment I wrote included some inaccuracies, and I wish to rectify them as well as point out some details I believe will be of interest.

I SAID, “If I remember correctly the kiddee park was provided gratis by a whole bunch of people’s time and money”


RE: whole bunch of people’s TIME:

  • Coordinated by the Rotary Club of Lakewood
  • Built by 2871 Volunteers during 6-12 June 2005.

RE: whole bunch of people’s Money:

  • TOTAL: $171,000+
  • $ 50k+ Rotary Club of Lakewood
  • $15k Starbucks
  • $10K Cheney Foundation, City of Lakewood, COMCAST, Klauser Family Foundation, Pierce County, Town of Steilacoom
  • $3-5K America’s Credit Union, Dimmer Foundation, Harborstone Credit Union, Hyde Family Foundation, Lakewood First Lions, Milgard Foundation, Rainier Pacific Foundation, Summerfest Golf Tournament
  • $1-3K Columbia State Bank, Jeffery B. Iverson

I SAID, “including one whole unit from Ft Lewis.”

WRONG….Actually 3 units from Ft Lewis:

  • 2nd Cavalry Regiment
  • 555th Military Police Brigade
  • 42nd Military Police Brigade

I SAID, “I do recall many of the Fence Posts and other edifices contain the names of good people and organizations that helped make it a fun place to be.”

PARTIALLY WRONG… The names of the individuals and organizations that supported, worked on, and ensured things went well are NOT on Fence Posts, but are all clearly depicted on four Large Panels, prominently displayed in the NNE corner of the playground. Including pronouncements of who all was involved and how…

That included the acquisition, construction and placement of 47 “Playground Elements” such as benches, bridges, along with the stuff kids (and parents) play on. Each ELEMENT had one or more Sponsors.

For Example:

  • The Castle: Clover Park Kiwanis Club
  • Tot Rubber Bridge: Lakewood Women in Business
  • Tot Tunnel: Steilacoom Lodge 2 A&FM
  • Tug Boat: Steilacoom Kiwanis Club
  • Rubber Bridge Henry A Greene Lodge 250 A&FM
  • Swinging Rung Ladder: Henry A Greene Lodge 250 A&FM
  • Fort: Gene & Vallie Jo Fry
  • Fire Pole: Lakewood Fire Department & Joan Walston
  • Airplane: Mary Lou & Dave Sclair

FYI….here is but a sampling of local organizations that contributed to making this structure exist:

City of Lakewood City-Hall Employees, Lakewood Police Department, Lakewood Fire Department, Lakewood First Lions Club, Clover Park Rotary Club, Clover Park Kiwanis, Lakewood Clover Park School District, Lakes High School, Clover Park Technical College, Pierce College, Bates Technical College, Town of Steilacoom, Steilacoom High School: Key Club, Industrial Arts, Art Class. Churches: Latter-Day Saints, St Mary’s Episcopal, Christ Lutheran.

So….now you know the REST of the story.