Wakayama Authorities To Announce RFP Dates For IR Scheme

Authorities in Wakayama Prefecture of Japan said on Friday that they would soon announce a new schedule revision on the local processes required for the tilt of that community to get a casino resort.

The local timetable for Wakayama’s so-called request-for-proposal (RFP) materials had previously shifted from the end of August to October 19. The flagging of yet another local timetable adjustment comes soon after the national government of Japan said on Friday that the application period for local governments to make their respective requests to the centre was postponed.

The national authorities have now shifted the window for local-government proposals for integrated resorts (IR) – as casino complexes are known in that country – to an October 2021 launch, and an April 28, 2022 deadline, the Ministry of Property, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism said on Friday. Applications were originally due to open at the start of next year. The Japanese government attributed the new national delay, which amounted to at least nine months in the process of introducing casino resorts in Japan, to the impact of the country’s Covid-19 pandemic.

The Japanese government also published on Friday a draft copy of its so-called IR basic policy. Last year, a previous proposal was publicly submitted. The protocols for meetings between the Japanese government and IR operators, as well as enhanced measures against infectious diseases, are key changes in the updated basic policy draught, a document subject to a period of public consultation until November 7.

According to details collated by GGRAsia’s Japan correspondent, on Friday, Wakayama prefecture ‘s governor Yoshinobu Nisaka expressed disappointment at the national government’s current timetable for IR proposals. This was on the basis that Wakayama’s preparatory activities were already advanced.

In other developments, Nagasaki prefecture told GGRAsia that with its RFP process, Governor Hodo Nakamura and his administration would “move forward” and choose its private-sector partner for a tilt to host a casino resort scheme.

In the first step of market liberalisation, up to three resorts will be allowed across the region.

Source: https://inkedin.com/wakayama-authorities-to-announce-rfp-dates-for-ir-scheme/21114/