On alert for troublemakers: RCAF and police to counter bids to sow unrest

RCAF’s Commander-in-Chief General Vong Pisen reviews troops during the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the two-story building in Kampong Chhnang province.

Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Commander-In-Chief General Vong Pisen yesterday called on all personnel to prevent “power-hungry politicians” from conducting “psychological warfare” and inciting people to destroy peace and political stability in the Kingdom.

National Police chief General Neth Savoeun yesterday also instructed the police to track and prevent the actions of “illegal rebel groups” who attempt to overthrow the legitimate government.

Their calls were made after former opposition leader Sam Rainsy, who is living in exile in Paris, recently announced again that he would return to the Kingdom “soon” to eliminate what he called a “treasonous regime.”

“We need to rescue and liberate our nation from the hands of a treasonous regime, from killing our nation, like they are killing our mother, ” Rainsy announced in a video clip posted on Facebook and  YouTube last month. “I will come to gather the forces, I believe about 90 percent of the population love the  nation, only one percent is loyal to [Prime Minister] Hun Sen.”

Former opposition party leader Sam Rainsy. 

Gen Pisen’s order was made during the inauguration ceremony of a two-storey army building, funded by Vietnam, and the opening ceremony of the training course for border guards at the Border Protection Centre in Kampong Chhnang province.

“When we truly understand the importance of peace and come together to defend it from divisive strategies of power-hungry politicians, the risk of undermining peace would not be inevitable,” Gen Pisen said, according to RCAF’s minutes of his speech.

According to General Pisen, Mr Hun Sen used his life to liberate the country from the genocidal regime which ruled the country from 1975 to 1979 and prevent it from returning.

He said the Prime Minister has led and built the country to become peaceful and stable for development.

“Therefore, we must all remember the great sacrifice of Samdech [Mr Hun Sen] and together protect the peace and the government’s achievement from anyone out to destroy it, no matter what the cost, [we] protect the peace,” he added.

Gen Pisen stressed that beginning with peace, there will be democracy, human rights, development and prosperity.

He thanked all military officers and soldiers who have participated in maintaining peace and called on soldiers to prevent “power-hungry politicians” from inciting the people to destroy the peace.

“[You] should continue to cooperate with the relevant authorities to control the situation at the local level and participate in maintaining security and social order, especially to prevent any psychological warfare that incites and destroys the political and social stability of the nation,” he added.

Meanwhile, Gen Savoeun yesterday also called on police to monitor and prevent activities of “illegal rebel groups”, against what he claimed was an attempt to overthrow the legitimate government.

National Police chief Neth Savoeun speaks during the inauguration of the Daun Penh district police headquarters in Phnom Penh yesterday.

Speaking during the inauguration of the Daun Penh district police headquarters in Phnom Penh yesterday, Gen Savoeun said all personnel must always be ready for any incident and said the “rebels”, referring to leaders of Cambodia National Rescue Movement, have not given up their tactics and continue to cause trouble.

“All law enforcement forces must not be negligent, must strictly abide by the order to protect the well-being of more than 16 million people, and not to let anyone come to destroy our peace,” he said.

He noted that in the past he cooperated well with National Military Police Commander General Sao Sokha as well as the Phnom Penh Unity Command to prevent the bad intentions of the “hostile and rebel group”.

Phnom Penh governor Khuong Sreng yesterday also said the former opposition supporters continue to attempt to cause social unrest and organise a coup to overthrow the legitimate government.

Sreng said they attempted to cause social unrest by provoking distrust arising from worker protests, border demarcation issues, the arrests of former opposition politicians, gathering rallies and sending petitions to embassies.

Rainsy last year also vowed to return to the Kingdom to restore democracy and human rights on November 9. He has urged the armed forces to “turn their weapons” against the government.

However, the government  has accused him and his allies of planning a coup and his planned return failed to materialise.

In September last year, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court charged Rainsy and eight other former senior members in absentia with attempting to overthrow the government.

Former opposition lawmaker Ou Chanrath has previously told Khmer Times that he did not believe the former CNRP or any other group has any intention to stage a coup or a colour revolution in the country.

“I don’t think there is any group attempting to stage a colour revolution,” he said. “It seems to be a ploy to make people feel afraid to express their opinions over political issues.”

He said some of the former CNRP activists remain concerned they could be arrested over alleged color revolution attempts.

Source: https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50771433/on-alert-for-troublemakers-rcaf-and-police-to-counter-bids-to-sow-unrest/