Frederick County taps Marquette as investment consultant

Frederick County, Frederick, Md., hired Marquette Associates as investment consultant for the $712 million Frederick County Employees Retirement Plan and $73 million 457 plan, confirmed Laura Schug, procurement analyst.

The county issued an RFP in March. Bolton Partners rebid for the services. There were no finalists.

Marquette will also provide services for the county’s $170 million other post-employment benefits trust and $2 million length-of-service awards program.

The Employees Retirement Plan’s actual allocation as of Dec. 9 was 39.7% domestic large-cap equities, 29.5% fixed income, 11% domestic midcap equities, 10.6% domestic small-cap equities and 9.2% international equities, according to the RFP in March. It is the most recent data available.

The 457 plan has 17 investment options and a target-date fund lineup managed by Capital Group.