Wakayama Governor Slaps Down IR Opposition

Wakayama Governor Yoshinobu Nisaka slapped down opponents of the proposed bid by the prefecture to build an integrated resort, telling a group of residents against the bid,” It is irresponsible to future generations to stop a bid because you may dislike it.”

His remarks were in response to the community sending a petition against any IR offer – one of three groups gathering signatures including a group called the “Wakayama Network for Thinking about the Problems with Casinos.”

Governor Nisaka responded by citing the promotion of tourism and job development as positive results of an IR, stating: “If you disagree, you have to offer a counter alternative to Wakayama’s revival or it is just an opinion.”

He added, “The national and prefectural governments are thinking about sufficient measures to dispel the anxieties of those who have signed the petition, and I will strive to gain their understanding.”

In June, Wakayama reported that the deadline for operators to submit materials as part of the Request for Proposal ( RFP) process will be further extended by almost two months, from 31 August to 19 October, due to the effect of COVID-19.

In April, two firms, Hong Kong’s Suncity Group and Clairvest Group, a Canadian IR investment company, replied to Wakayama’s RFP assessment call.

Source: https://inkedin.com/wakayama-governor-slaps-down-ir-opposition/16837/