ASRS Custodian and Investment Services

Plan:Arizona State Retirement System

The ASRS intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) Solicitation Code BPM001958 for ASRS Custodian and Investment Services under commodity code 93151605 (Government Finance Services). A copy of the RFP will be available on the Arizona Procurement Portal (APP) at

Services being requested are: Core Custody, Accounting, and Performance/Analytics; Cash Management; Investment Management Services; Transaction Management; Limited Partnership Investments; Risk Management and Compliance; Class Action Claims Filing; Proxy Voting; and Data and Transaction Storage. As indicated in the RFP, Offerors may choose to submit a stand-alone proposal for a specific service or a combined proposal for multiple services.

Solicitation responses must be submitted through the APP system. A Company must be registered in the APP system in order submit a response. Contact APP by visiting the above link or calling 602-542-7600.