RFP – Geothermal Advisory Board Consultancy Services, GDC, Kenya

Kifaru II rig of GDC on site at Paka, Baringo-Silali geothermal project, Kenya 

GDC in Kenya is asking for proposals for Geothermal Advisory Council consultancy services for a two-year time period.

The Geothermal Development Company (GDC) in Kenya has published a “Request for Proposal for its Geothermal Advisory Board (GAB) Consultancy Services for GDC Ltd. for a Period of two years.”

Closing date & time: October 8, 2020 – at 14:00Hrs

The Geothermal Development Company Ltd will select an individual consultant among those invited to submit proposals or those who respond to the invitation for proposals in accordance with the method of selection detailed under this section and consistent with the regulations.

The consultants are invited to submit a technical proposal and a financial proposal for consulting services required for the assignment stated in the letter of invitation (Section I)

In the assignment where the procuring entity intends to apply standard conditions of engagement and scales of fees for professional services, which scale of fees will have been approved by a relevant authority, a technical proposal only may be invited and submitted by the consultants. In such a case the highest ranked individual consultant in the technical proposals shall be invited to negotiate a contract on the basis of the set scale of fees. The technical proposals will be the basis for contract negotiations and ultimately for a signed contract with the selected individual consultant.

The consultants must familiarize themselves with local conditions as regards the assignment and take them into account in preparing their proposals. To obtain adequate information on the assignment and on the local conditions, consultants are encouraged to liaise with GDC regarding any information that they may require before submitting a proposal.

GDC will provide the inputs and services specified in the special conditions of contract needed to assist the individual consultant to carry out the assignment.

The cost of preparing the proposal and negotiating the contract including any visit to GDC are not reimbursable as a direct cost of the assignment. GDC is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted.

GDC’s employees, committee members, board members and their relative (spouse and children) are not eligible to participate in the tender.

For the full notice see linked Tender document below.

Source: GDC/ Tender document (pdf)

Source: https://www.thinkgeoenergy.com/rfp-geothermal-advisory-board-consultancy-services-gdc-kenya/