Co-living firm Common issues RFP for the future home office and work hub

The new housing concept would better blend work and life in inexpensive locales.

Common, the U.S.’s largest co-living company, recently released an RFP for a “Remote Work Hub” to blend work and life from the ground up.

The concept would establish a housing nexus for remote workers that could be located away from large urban centers. Common wants developers, property owners, and public representatives from states or localities to advocate for launching such a hub in their region.

Common’s vision is the creation of WeWork-style home-office complexes where residents would share amenities such as conference rooms and areas for work cubbies. A jury of advisors would select the winning plan by January 2021.

As many workers have found amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many urban apartments are not well suited to remote work. Common’s concept is banking on drawing some of these workers away from major urban centers to more flexible work-life housing in more affordable cities.