Tech Theory Group Announces Launch of Innovative Technology Advisory Firm

Designing and delivering best in class managed information technology solutions and infrastructure services.

Tech Theory Group is pleased to announce the official launch of its innovative, high performance technology advisory firm and website: Tech Theory Group designs and delivers best in class managed information technology solutions and infrastructure services for all industries. Founded in a partnership with Cara Federici, C.E.O. of The Madison Melle Agency, a lifestyle marketing, branding and design studio, the official launch of Tech Theory Group brings creativity and out-of-the-box thinking together to fill a void in the marketplace for cost-effective, transparent and thought-forward, technology solutions. As long time buyers of technology systems with obscure pricing processes and frustrating implementation plans, Cara Federici and the strategic leadership team at Tech Theory Group seek to avoid convoluted process and procedure by a delivering simpler, more streamlined, high performance approach to innovation services. Different, and better – Tech Theory Group delivers these core competencies to small business and large corporations through a collective partnership of highly savvy, experienced Information Technology Architects, Computer Hardware and Software Engineers, Designers, Consultants, and Business Executives across the globe. Key services include, but are not limited to: Technology Advisory and Infrastructure Solutions – including Audit, Design, and Implementation; Zero Trust Compliance and Security; Cloud Solutions; Daily Managed IT Services; Technology Sourcing; Website and App Development.

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About Tech Theory Group
Tech Theory Group is a high performance technology advisory firm, designing and delivering best in class managed information technology solutions and infrastructure services. With over 25 years of expertise in Information Technology, combined with creative, forward thinking strategies, Tech Theory Group is a highly sought after strategic partner to both small businesses and large corporations – delivering a cost-effective, transparent approach to best in class innovation services. For more information, visit

About The Madison Melle Agency
The Madison Melle Agency is a multi-faceted lifestyle marketing, branding and design studio – creating and operating one of a kind media, technology, hospitality and real estate brands globally. The Agency’s management team combines forces to bring clients diverse industry expertise, always working hand-in-hand to provide a seamless experience from start to finish. For more information, visit