Call for trainers in compassionate care work

IAC’s programme coordinator Nicola Paugh

The Inter Agency Committee for Children and Families has launched a training RFP.

Individuals who provide training in target areas are invited to submit a proposal by Monday September 14th.

More information is available online at

IAC is looking for professionals who have the knowledge, skills and training experience to provide training to human service providers and helping professionals in a range of areas.

Training proposals are currently being requested for introductory level training on emotional intelligence, wellness and self-care, assertiveness and conflict resolution, compassionate leadership, client centred practice, cultural sensitivity, trauma informed practice, and restorative practice.

IAC’s Programme Coordinator Nicola Paugh stated: “These topics have been identified as priority areas for professional development through a formal assessment of the training needs of our sector.

“We hope anyone with the relevant expertise and training experience will consider submitting a proposal so we can ensure we deliver a high-quality training platform that supports the development of our helping and human service professionals.”

IAC is a membership organisation of human service providers, helping agencies and non-profits that exists to strengthen the capacity of agencies.

IAC helps Bermuda’s agencies strengthen their services and improve their impact by providing training, driving collective advocacy and facilitating collaboration.

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*Press release issued by the Inter Agency Committee for Children and Families.