Request for Proposals: Federal Advocacy Services

The County of Sacramento invites interested individuals and firms to submit proposals to perform federal advocacy services. The successful contractor will report to the Office of the County Executive and is responsible for providing advocacy services on behalf of the County.

Scope of Work:  Federal advocacy efforts include, but are not limited to:

  1. 1. Advocate on behalf of Sacramento County and maintain liaison between:
    1. a. The Executive Branch
    2. b. Members of Congress
    3. c. Federal Agencies and Departments as determined by Sacramento County
    4. d. Other officials in the federal government as required and directed by the designated representative to the County
    5. 2. Obtain information and data from the federal government on matters of interest to the County;
    6. . Present and disseminate pertinent information and data on matters before Congress, the Executive Branch, or Federal Departments/Agencies/Commissions; 
    7. . Draft and/or assist in drafting materials, correspondence, legislation, and resolutions to advocate in support of the County’s legislative goals;
    8. . Advise the County concerning any federal matters that may be of interest to the County;
    9. . Assist the County’s congressional delegation as directed by the County;
    10. . Review and comment on proposals prepared by the County for submission to federal agencies;
    11. . Provide counsel and advice to the County regarding appearances by County officials and staff before federal agencies;
    12. . Arrange appointments and accommodations for the County as requested relating to advocacy efforts.
    13. . Coordinate countywide federal advocacy efforts; 
    14. . Develop and implement an advocacy and representation strategy for County entities that currently have no federal advocacy representation as directed by the County; 12. Assist with legislative advocacy for County-wide issues; 

13. Provide detailed monthly reports of work provided. 

Proposal Content:  Proposals are not required to follow a defined format, but at a minimum must contain the following information:

  • • Submit a letter of introduction and an executive summary of the proposal.
  • • Submit a fee proposal. The County reserves the right to accept other than the lowest priced offer and reject proposals that are not responsive to the request for a fee proposal. Please provide a total monthly fee.
  • • Provide a description of the firm and team qualifications as follows:
  • o Name, address, and telephone number of a contact person; 
  • o A brief description of your firm, as well as how any joint venture or association would be structured; o Provide detailed information about the firm’s specific experience, including a description of federal advocacy services for similar clients.
  • o Provide a list identifying (1) each key person of the team, (2) the team leader, (3) the role each will play in executing the proposed scope of work, and (4) a description of the experience and qualifications of the team members, including brief resumes.

700 H Street, Suite 7650    Sacramento, California 95814    phone (916) 874-7682    fax (916) 874-5885  

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. 1. Have at least two non-clerical staff that would be assigned full-time or part-time to this contract. 
  2. . Have relationships with the County’s legislative delegation and their staff. 
  3. . Have broad bipartisan relationships with members of Congress, legislative staff, federal agencies, and executive branch officials. 
  4. . Have a least 10 years cumulative experience representing counties (does not have to be consecutive service or with the same county). 
  5. . Have knowledge of the broad array of federal matters that affect county governments. 
  6. 6. Have no existing representation agreements with clients with structural conflicts of interest with Sacramento County’s legislative agenda (Attachment A). Proposer must provide a comprehensive list of clients. It is the sole discretion of the County to determine potential conflicts of interest.

Any proposal that does not meet these minimum requirements by the deadline to submit proposals will be considered non-responsive and will not be eligible for consideration. 

Requirements for Successful Proposals:  Respondents selected to provide federal advocacy services will be required to enter into a Sacramento County standard‐form contract, and to meet the supporting requirements of that contract, including compliance with all applicable laws, maintenance of Sacramento County’s minimum insurance requirements for contractors, and other requirements.


The County reserves the right to do the following at any time:

  • • Reject any proposal without indicating any reason for such rejection;
  • • Waive or correct any minor or inadvertent defect, irregularity, or technical error in a proposal or the RFP process, or as part of any subsequent contract negotiation;
  • • Request that respondents supplement or modify all or certain aspects of their proposals or other documents or materials submitted;
  • • Terminate this RFP and issue a new RFP;
  • • Procure services specified in this RFP by other means;
  • • Extend a deadline specified in this RFP, including deadlines for accepting proposals;
  • • Negotiate with any or none of the respondents;
  • • Modify any terms in the final contract described in this RFP;
  • • Terminate failed negotiations with a respondent without liability, and negotiate with other respondents;
  • • Disqualify any respondent on the basis of real or apparent conflict of interest, or evidence of collusion that is disclosed by the proposal or other data available to the County;
  • • Reject a proposal that is in breach of, or in default under, any other agreement with the County; and  To accept all, or a portion of, a respondent’s proposal.

To Apply: 

 How to Respond:

Proposals, in sealed packages, should be submitted no later than August 7, 2020 to:

Elisia De Bord

Governmental Relations and Legislative Analyst

County of Sacramento

700 H Street, Room 7650

Sacramento, CA 95814

RFP Contact: Elisia De Bord, 916-874-4227,