Sri Lanka to call for international bids to buy four used helicopters for the SLAF

Sri Lanka will call for international bids to buy four used helicopters for the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) to train pilots for Peacekeeping Missions.

Co-Cabinet spokesman Romesh Pathirana told reporters today July 9, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on behalf of the Ministry of Defense had sought Cabinet approval to make the purchase.

Pathirana said currently the SLAF uses two 1981 helicopters to train Pilot Officers.

“Sri Lankan Air Force units are currently on peacekeeping missions in Sudan and Central Africa. It has been identified as a prime need to train new pilots and assign them to those units.” Pathirana said.

It was necessary to replace the outdated aircraft, he said.

Unclaimed “escheat” vehicles to be issued to government bodies

Vehicles that are unclaimed and held by Customs are to be issued to Government Departments and the Armed Forces, the Cabinet of Minister has decided.

Co-Cabinet spokesman Minister Romesh Pathirana said these vehicles referred to as escheat vehicles will be issued to meet the demand for vehicles by State bodies.

The cabinet proposal for this move was presented by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Pathirana said Government organizations including the Armed forces have requested vehicles for the respective organizations.

He said the vehicles that have been escheat by the Customs of Sri Lanka can be issued to other government organizations with the approval of the Director of Customs.

Pathirana said vehicles that are subjects of court cases will be not issued. (Colombo, July 9, 2020)