GDI receives 24 bids for Zone A public housing

The Infrastructure Development Office (GDI) received a total of 24 bids in the public tender for the public housing project located in the New Urban Zone.

The land is located on land plot B10, Zone A. The award criteria require tenderers to build the foundation work and a three-floor basement.

Four bids were rejected.

GDI expects construction to start in the fourth quarter of 2020. The deadline to deliver the completed project is the first quarter of 2022. In total, the project is expected to cost between MOP 215 million and MOP 280 million.

The successful tenderer will manage piles of sheeting, excavation, bracing and dewatering, among other works.

The maximum construction period is 315 to 378 workdays. Any delay in delivering the final product will result in a penalty.

The construction will be divided into three parts, on which the successful contractor will spend 380 workdays, 130 workdays, and 180 workdays respectively.

At the end of this year, the local government will design the detailed facilities and types of houses available at the public project.

The government will only announce the number of households and other details after the design is completed.

According to the local government’s earlier report, there will be a total of 3,000 affordable housing units in Zone A. Land plot B10 occupies an area of 6,831 square metres, and will have houses, public parking lots, and commercial and social facilities. Once completed, there will be 642 affordable housing units on B10, with an additional 680 parking spaces for cars and motorbikes.

The Housing Bureau plans to use eight land plots on New Urban Zone A to build public houses or related facilities, including seven public housing projects and one community facility.

Previously, the Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng guaranteed that the local government will not reduce the number of 28,000 housing units on Zone A.

Ho also pledged that the government will complete the development of the 3,000 affordable houses.