DemandStar Unveils New Platform, Offers Improved Features to Better Connect Businesses & Government Entities

Source: DemandStar Corporation

SEATTLE — To give government entities and businesses greater access to finding and securing partnership opportunities, DemandStar announces its new platform with novel features that allow for an even more streamlined experience. The new features are a result of interviewing hundreds of government buyers and businesses and integrating this feedback into DemandStar’s 20+ years of user data and experience.

DemandStar is excited to present the following features in its new platform that more easily connects businesses with governments:

  • A custom matching algorithm that connects suppliers with government contracts specialized just for them, eliminating the need to weed through irrelevant listings or websites. More bids are viewed, more bidders are received, and governments receive greater competition and in the end, value.
  • Dashboards to track KPIs for bids and quotes to improve purchasing processes, tracking, management and results.
  • A free research tool for governments searching for suppliers. DemandStar currently houses 270,000 bids and over a billion pages of bid documents. Government entities can now find qualified suppliers including local, minority and women-owned business enterprises, for no charge.
  • Audit trails that make government purchasing more open and transparent. This allows for greater access to the fastest-growing marketplace with billions in government contracts.
  • Free electronic purchasing that is simple for government professionals to use and for businesses to respond to.

“At DemandStar our goal is to give businesses and governments the modern environment they need to locate one another and close deals, giving their communities the best solution, at the right price,” said Ben Vaught, CEO of DemandStar. “As a leader in the online procurement space, we have identified pain points on both sides of the business-government equation, and created our new platform to give both parties the up-to-date tools they need to succeed and grow their communities.”

Online procurement continues to rapidly grow as an emerging marketplace. New government entities to DemandStar are seeing an uptick of three to five times more bids and saving 10-15 percent on deals as compared to current outdated processes.

Government partners and businesses looking to join DemandStar’s eBidding procurement marketplace can learn more at