Letter: We need a plan to save CFDC

I am writing to express my concern about the lack of action to save NHTI’s Child and Family Development Center by NHTI and leaders of New Hampshire as a whole.

My 2-year-old daughter attended CFDC for just 6 months after being waitlisted for almost 18 months, only to have it close in March “due to” the COVID-19 pandemic. Since CFDC closed, my eyes have been opened to the deficit at which the center operated, as well as NHTI’s absence of attempts to keep the center open.

CFDC was an exceptional center, not only as a child care center but as a laboratory school to train upcoming workers of the child care field and beyond. Its model worked for two decades with rave reviews; it has a lengthy waitlist at all times, and its laboratory students go forth with a shining reputation.

It is disheartening and confounding to see that in the midst of a global crisis a decision was made to close this sought-after program to the families and students it served. NHTI is currently pursuing an RFP process with the intention of reopening CFDC by this fall. This tight timeline is worrisome, made more so by the current state of our economic climate.

CFDC should be reopened as it functioned before its closure, providing care and allowing parents to return to work and our economy to reopen. The RFP should be pursued when this crisis has passed. We need to save CFDC now.

Kayleigh Flynn


Source: https://www.concordmonitor.com/Letter-Flynn-CFDC_-34358603