City Request For Proposal: New Brand Update

The City of Hamilton is inviting submissions for a Request for Proposal to complete a corporate brand update including, but not limited to, typeface, logo and colour usage.

A spokesperson said, “The City of Hamilton is pleased to invite submissions for a Request for Proposal to complete a corporate brand update. The City would like to institute a robust brand update to raise the City of Hamilton’s visual elements to a new corporate standard and create strong brand consistency.

“The City’s key objectives regarding the brand update include creation of an updated, comprehensive brand guide to be adhered to by all staff and partners including, but not limited to, appropriate typeface, logo and colour usage. The City is looking to implement a series of corporate templates created for both internal and external use that will raise the overall standard of the City of Hamilton’s brand identity throughout the Corporation.

“The City will accept proposals for creation, production and execution of all elements of the brand update in collaboration with the City’s Events and Marketing team.

“Bid documents are available on request by email only. Interested parties can email to request the comprehensive Bid package. Electronic submissions must be received no later than Monday, June 8th, 2020 at 3:00pm.”


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