Bid opening planned for splash pad

This conceptual drawing shows features of the planned Meidinger Splash Park that will be constructed next to the Two Rivers Activity Center. Jamestown Parks and Recreation authorized advertising for bids Tuesday and the project could be complete by May 2021.

The Jamestown Parks and Recreation Commission authorized advertising for bids for the construction of a splash pad at the Two Rivers Activity Center.

Travis Dillman, project engineer for Interstate Engineering, told the commissioners Tuesday the final project design was ready. Bids will be opened on June 4 with completion of construction planned for next spring.

The splash pad will be named the Meidinger Splash Park in honor of Shirley Meidinger, who made the lead donation for the project in November 2018. In all, donations of more than $1.6 million have been received for the project.

“Our plan is for the completion of the project for the 2021 season,” he said.

Preliminary estimates for the project are about $2.3 million. The bid specifications do include some alternative items that could be added to the contract if the bid comes in under those expectations, said Doug Hogan, director of Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department.

Funding for the project includes a $500,000 grant from the North Dakota Land and Water Conservation Fund and private donations. Amy Walters said the process of raising donations for the project is continuing.

“We’re nearly complete on privately raising the funds,” she said.

The splash pad does not include a pool or swimming area but a number of water features for participants to move through. The splash pad will not require trained lifeguards but will be supervised by oTRAC staff.

Hogan said Jamestown Parks and Recreation had incurred about $16,000 in additional expenses due to the coronavirus pandemic. That does not include lost revenue for programs. Walters said that could amount to as much as $80,000 per month at TRAC during the time it was shut down.

Facilities are continuing to reopen, Hogan said. Tennis courts in Jamestown opened Tuesday with people expected to maintain social distance.

Team sports may reopen soon, he said, although organizers of leagues are being asked to take responsibility for the activities of their own members. Letters were sent to organizers saying Parks and Recreation would monitor activity and could take actions as drastic as shutting down activities if health precautions weren’t followed.

“People are getting antsy,” Hogan said. “I think there is a false sense of security as some of the restrictions are being eased.”

Hogan said he hoped such measures would not be necessary.

“People need to be patient, be kind and respect each other,” he said. “We have to work through this together.”