Weinberg Foundation Commits Additional $1 Million to Israeli Nonprofits as Part of COVID-19 Response

Baltimore-Based Philanthropy Partners with The Foundations of Bituach Le’umi

Baltimore, May 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation today announced an additional $1 million in emergency grant funding to nonprofits in Israel as part of the Foundation’s response to the COVID-19 public health crisis. The Weinberg Foundation is partnering with The Foundations of Bituach Le’umi, Israel’s National Insurance Institute (NII), to fund nonprofits that are providing vital services to people experiencing poverty, with particular emphasis on older adults and women at risk, who are among those most severely impacted by this pandemic.

“This $1 million commitment to support Israeli nonprofits is in addition to approximately $500,000 already committed to amutot (non-government organizations), as part of the Weinberg Foundation’s $4 million in initial COVID-19 emergency funding,” said Nimrod Goor, the Foundation’s trustee in Israel. “We are pleased to partner with The Foundations of Bituach Le’umi to strengthen our support of Israeli nonprofits that are providing critical services during this difficult time. An important advantage of the partnership is that numerous amutot, on the front lines of serving those in need, are able to utilize one application process to potentially access multiple funding streams.”

The Foundations of Bituach Le’umi will allocate up to ILS 45 million (approximately $11 million US), with individual grants of up to ILS 100,000. Grants will only be awarded to nonprofits with “nihul takin” (certification of proper management) and at least two years of demonstrated project experience within the at-risk communities prioritized through this initiative. The Foundations of Bituach Le’umi recently issued a request for proposals (RFP) from amutot that most directly support at-risk communities. Nonprofits that applied will be notified of grant decisions as early as May 5, 2020.

Yitzchak Sabato, Executive Director of The Foundations of Bituach Le’umi commented, “We are grateful for this opportunity to strengthen our partnership with the Weinberg Foundation, with which we have worked closely over the past 10 years. Our request for proposals is intended to provide immediate assistance to nonprofits that are initiating special services for at-risk populations, including children and families, older adults, and people with disabilities who are facing severe challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. We thank the Weinberg Foundation for joining us in this endeavor and for helping to meet the huge demand for aid from the nonprofit sector.”

The Weinberg Foundation is not accepting requests for funding. Instead, the Foundation will supplement The Foundations of Bituach Le’umi’s grants to many amutot, as well as provide funding to other nonprofits which NII may not fund directly, but which are providing critical services at this time. The Weinberg Foundation will make its own funding decisions—utilizing information and due diligence provided by The Foundations of Bituach Le’umi—to achieve the most impactful allocation of its $1 million in emergency funding. In addition, the Weinberg Foundation is accelerating grant payments to existing grantees, both in the US and Israel. In Israel, accelerated grant payments total just over $500,000.

“As this unprecedented health crisis continues to unfold, the Foundation is committed to addressing—as rapidly and thoughtfully as possible—the enormous, growing needs of nonprofits serving the most vulnerable,” said Rachel Garbow Monroe, President and CEO. “We also understand that the challenges for our partners, as well as the individuals and families most severely impacted, do not end here. In addition to grant initiatives already announced, the Foundation is also developing long-term responses to the devastating impact of this pandemic.”

All Weinberg Foundation emergency grants are approved to support the general operations of the organizations funded. The Foundation seeks to provide each organization with maximum discretion and flexibility in how the emergency funding is utilized, so long as it is consistent with the Foundation’s overarching funding guidelines and restrictions.

Source: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/05/05/2027835/0/en/Weinberg-Foundation-Commits-Additional-1-Million-to-Israeli-Nonprofits-as-Part-of-COVID-19-Response.html