Menan seeks bids for road repair

Matt Walker, Menan Director of Public Works, has started seeking bids for road repair in the city.

“We’re a small city so we’ve got a small budget,” Walker said. “We can maintain what we’ve got but with our current funding, we aren’t able to rebuild much.”

Walker also stated that with the size of Menan, the lack of businesses also puts the city at a disadvantage in getting funding.

Tad Haight, Menan mayor, said that with the government currently putting a lot of funds towards states, Menan would like their chance for repairs. Haight stated that if they have shovel-ready projects, the city has the possibility of getting funding for much-needed road projects.

Although Menan has a small permanent population, the city hosts a Fourth of July celebration every year that brings in thousands of spectators. Haight estimates around 20,000 participants come to Menan for Independence Day.

Walker has a few streets in mind, with Main Street and a portion of the Menan-Lorenzo Highway needing the most work, followed by several side streets.

“We’re competing with a lot of towns and cities in Idaho for bids,” Walker said. “It’s tough to get funding but it’s better than doing nothing.”