Nagasaki to postpone RFP start due to COVID-19

Nagasaki prefecture is set to postpone the start of its RFP until after spring, IAG has learned.

According to a prefectural official, “Considering the difficulties in cities and regions across the world, we have decided to no longer hold our RFP this spring, and we are considering the optimum schedule while maintaining flexibility throughout the entire process, including RFP.

“The RFP process was scheduled to kick off in the next few months, based on the current IR Area Development Plan application period. Further, as the cities and regions across the world are facing difficulties, we will keep our decision-making flexible.”

The schedule for Nagasaki’s IR bid is based on “selecting the best partner for Japan and the Kyushu/Nagasaki area with complete transparency and to make a final application to the central government for licensing on the central government’s schedule,” the official added.

The three steps to be completed include publication of the Implementation Policy draft, which will focus on transparency and the residents of the city and prefecture; partner selection through an RFP; and drafting a “best business plan” alongside the selected partner, following the central government’s policy.

“There was a comment from the government on 13 April that they would continue hearings with local governments, but clearly stating the application period for IR development certification would remain January to July 2021,” the official told IAG. “That is the foundation for these three steps.”

Casinos Austria, South Africa’s Peermont Global, Hong Kong’s Get Nice Holdings and local firm Current are among those to have expressed an interest in a Nagasaki IR.

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