Who Got Hacked This Week? April 13 Edition

What types of cyberattacks were carried out this week, April 13, 2020? Read on to find out about the latest cyberattacks and who got hacked this week.

Each week, TechDecisions brings you the latest cyber security news on cyberattacks and who got hacked from around the internet.

Cyber security is becoming a main issue for many companies, and our weekly feature is a good example of why.

Every week there are multiple stories of people, businesses, and products being hacked for fun, for money, and sometimes for evil.

Luckily for you, knowing the enemy is half the battle. In order to prevent getting hacked in the future, you need to understand who got hacked in the past. Cyber security is a constantly evolving threat to any organization, and even individuals.

Make sure to check out a couple of pieces of content to gain a better understanding of cyber security, and how cyberattacks are carried out.

After reading these pieces of content you’ll understand how cyber security works and get a better idea of how these weekly cyberattacks are working. Only by being equipped with the right information can any organization hope to protect themselves against the constant threats out there.

Each week we’ll be sure to get you the information so you know what cyberattacks are going on around the country and around the world.

This week includes:

  • San Francisco airport suffers cyberattack
  • Mediterraneant Shipping Co. suffers network outage that may be caused by cyberattack
  • Zoom meeting of Milwaukee election officials hacked
  • And more!

SOURCE: https://mytechdecisions.com/network-security/who-got-hacked-april-13-2/