RFP for timeclock web app for seattle locals only (Shoreline)

This is an open request for bids on a small project. Please write “REAL” in your response so I know you read this.

The client owns a payroll company and needs a web app that will allow employers to view, edit, approve/deny time logged by their staff. They also need to be able to set what the start and end of the pay periods are, and whether there are any reimbursements to approve, or set how it calculates accrued vacation or sick time. The staff needs to be able to clock in, take breaks, return from breaks, take meals, etc. They also need to submit requests for time off, reimbursements, etc. those would then sit in a queue until the owner reviewed and either approved, denied, or commented on them.

a third party access needs to be available as well so that their accountant can login and review the payroll they issued to verify it was done properly. No preference on the framework but it’s running on an EC2 instance at AWS.

I’m aware there are many open source options out there and am open to all suggestions that can deliver all of the aforementioned. That being said, the client intends to resell this service to others in her network so it has to be built as a commercial application, albeit a simple one.

Please include your mailing address as we often have projects like this one or even larger and like to keep in touch with those in the area who have identified themselves as professionals.

do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers