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Oconee County Digitizes its Archives

Curious to read the Board of Commissioners meeting minutes for the rezones that laid the foundation of Butler’s Crossing? Would county budgets and ordinances spanning decades be of interest to the public today? Oconee County is in the process of digitizing paper documents that have never made it to the …

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VA Reaches Out to Agencies About Recruitment Campaign

The Department of Veteran Affairs issued an RFI at the end of November for a nationwide healthcare professional recruitment campaign. WASHINGTON: The Department of Veterans Affairs is gathering information for a possible marketing and advertising RFP focused on recruiting healthcare professionals to VA hospitals and clinics. The VA is looking …

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FirstNet Launches Preemption as Verizon bows out of California RFP

AT&T and FirstNet launched “ruthless preemption,” giving first responders top priority to its network even during times of extreme congestion. FirstNet, which last week touted its 34th state customer when Missouri opted in to use its system, is positioning full-time preemption as a key differentiator against competitors such as Verizon …

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Vermont Becomes 32nd State to make FirstNet ‘opt-in’ Announcement

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott today announced that he has accepted the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) deployment plan offered by FirstNet and AT&T on behalf of his state, making Vermont the 32nd state—not including two territories—to “opt-in” to the FirstNet system. “It is important that Vermont’s first responders have the …

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