Mercy Corps is looking to recruit both international and national consultants with experience in Myanmar to work for a period of up to 2 months (November – December 2020 – to be confirmed at inception phase) to take on the proposed research. Individual consultants may apply and may be matched by MC with other individuals to form a complete team. ...

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Let’s sharpen our pencils

“The idea of a rice supply and price crisis in our poor country is quite worrisome.” About a month ago, I read in a business paper that the tender for 300,000 metric tons of rice done through a government-to-government purchase was put on hold, after winners had been announced. For the first instance in as long a time as I ...

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Myanmar religious leaders want elections to be an ‘opportunity’ for peace and coexistence

Religions for Peace issued an appeal signed by Myanmar’s religious leaders. For them, “To build a nation we need not be afraid of difference, but rather learn to negotiate, compromise, dialogue and rejoice in who we are.” Yangoon – Religions for Peace issued an appeal titled Seize this opportunity! destined for various Myanmar social, political and religious groups ahead of the country’s elections, scheduled ...

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