Nagasaki prefecture to launch RFP as early as July

Nagasaki prefecture’s regular prefectural assembly was held on 26 June where it was concluded not to wait for the country’s basic IR policy draft to be finalised before proceeding with the prefecture’s Request for Proposal (RFP) process. As a result, Nagasaki’s RFP process could be launched as soon as July.

According to the Nagasaki Shimbun, the prefecture initially stated its RFP request for proposal (RFP) would start “around spring”, but since the government’s basic policy has been delayed due to corruption scandals related to IRs and the impact of COVID-19, and given that further information still hasn’t been announced by the Central government, the conclusion was to “get started this summer.”

With no change in the national government’s application period of January to July 2021, Osaka and Wakayama prefectures have already started their recruitment processes without waiting for the country’s basic policy.

Members of the general affairs committee are concerned that a delay in operator selection will negatively affect preparation work. The prefecture’s IR Promotion Department stated, “One of our options is to start the RFP before the national government announces the policy. It is necessary to make a decision on starting the procedure in July or August.”

The department also reported that a screening committee responsible for selecting an operator had been established on 13 May.

Nagasaki prefecture previously announced the three-week briefing period prior to the RFP had concluded on 19 June, with Governor Hodo Nakamura stating, “The current plan is to start the RFP process in summer, and we plan to make a decision on an IR operator this winter.”