LevelTen Energy Soliciting Proposals On Behalf Of An Unidentified RE100 Member For Up To 500 MW Renewable Energy Capacity In Europe

Present in Europe since October 2019, LevelTen Energy is seeking proposals from renewable energy companies in Europe to procure up to 500 MW capacity for a RE100 member client. (Photo Credit: LevelTen Energy, Inc.)

An unidentified RE100 member has contracted LevelTen Energy to find it a large volume of renewable energy in Europe with project sizes ranging between 50 MW to 500 MW. LevelTen Energy  has issued a request for proposals (RFP) call on behalf of its client.

The global renewable energy online marketplace and procurement platform LevelTen Energy would only identify the client as an experienced energy buyer seeking to procure a large volume of renewable energy in Europe having already executed a number of off-site renewable energy transactions to-date. This company is now expanding its renewable energy purchases into Europe.

All European projects fitting the description can submit proposals by July 20, 2020 using LevelTen’s online platform. “We look forward to supporting this customer’s exciting global renewable energy strategy and to working with others to procure PPAs throughout the region,” stated LevelTen.

Having started initially in North America in early 2018, LevelTen launched its online marketplace in Europe in October 2019. It claimed commitments from global Fortune 500 companies when it said to have projects available across Europe including the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

“Voluntary renewable energy procurement among corporations is rapidly gaining momentum in Europe thanks to a confluence of factors,” stated LevelTen. “With over 40% of RE100 members headquartered in Europe, the EU should see a significant proportion of this investment.”

Source: http://taiyangnews.info/business/levelten-energy-500-mw-re-rfp-for-re100-client/