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Pacific to Install Cameras at Ten Locations In Local Parks

Vandals who spray paint messages or push over fixtures in the city parks may soon find themselves on camera.

Plans are under way to install cameras in strategic locations in 10 city park locations.

The high-tech cameras will capture images and relay them to the police department dispatch console.

The city published request for proposals (RFP) seeking experts who could provide the equipment in December. Two RFPs were received.

Bays ET, Pacific, was selected to provide the security cameras and recording system in the city parks. City officials selected the company based on past service.

Cameras will be placed in the Pacific City Park, Adam’s Garden, Blackburn Park, Jensen’s Point Park and Liberty Field at a cost of $20,655.

Alderman Carol Johnson asked that cameras also be added at the Red Cedar building, which is to be used as a visitor, history and genealogy center.

The cost for those cameras was not included in the RFP.

Aldermen approved the bid Feb. 6, after City Administrator Steve Roth said he, Police Chief Matt Mansell and Public Works Commissioner Robert Brueggemann had reviewed the RFPs.

Roth said he will now prepare a formal contract for aldermanic approval.

Alderman Nick Chlebowski questioned whether the request for proposals procedure met the ordinance requirement that any purchase over $3,000 had to go out for bid.

City Attorney Bob Jones said in his opinion RFPs and bids were synonymous.

Vandalism in the city parks has been continuing problem for the city. Officials say they hope that knowledge of the sophisticated video system, which will stream images to the police department dispatch center, will cause would-be vandals to have second thoughts.

“We want them to know that the cameras are there and that police dispatchers can see what they’re doing,” said Alderman Steve Myers.

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