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Oconee County Digitizes its Archives

Curious to read the Board of Commissioners meeting minutes for the rezones that laid the foundation of Butler’s Crossing? Would county budgets and ordinances spanning decades be of interest to the public today?

Oconee County is in the process of digitizing paper documents that have never made it to the government’s website. The BOC received eight proposals in response to an RFP and chose the lowest bidder, Advanced Data Solutions, at a cost of $200,000 for the digital conversion of documents across all departments.

BOC Chairman John Daniell said the electronic records scanning project will also free up anywhere from 600 to 800 square feet of space when the project is complete by this summer.

Daniell said that at present, citizens will still need to file an open records request for archived documents, but the ultimate goal is a searchable online database.

In other news, the Oconee County Tax Assessors Office will operate more efficiently this year with the assistance of tablets that will keep assessors out in the field for longer periods during their work day.

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Ref: http://www.oconeeenterprise.com/news/article_92d75644-f59e-11e7-8419-db5bdad2faaa.html

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